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 Now you are able to tune in or download our new York Downs Pharmacy Internet Radio programs featuring pharmacist David Garshowitz and other York Downs professionals as well as leading physicians and other experts in healthcare.



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Health Tip:

Food Combining Lightens Up Digestion, Brings More Energy

Ever wondered why some meals make you feel slow, bloated and heavy, even if you have not eaten a lot? The key could be in how you have combined your foods. Some types of food actually inhibit the digestion of others, while others stimulate breakdown of the companion foods. Here are some clues to how mixing and matching foods properly:

1.Try to simplify meals-one or two food categories per meal would work best for the digestion. For example, a peace of meat or fish is best taken with a salad, not in a sandwich. If on the other hand, you go for a bagel, avoid foods that are high in protein like tuna, and opt for some butter or jam.

2. Try to eat small quantities of food and chew properly so that the digestive acids and enzymes can get to all the food particles.

3. Never eat fruit after meals, as it will start fermenting and producing gas in the digestive system.

The rationale behind food combining lies in the design of the digestive tract itself. While proteins are digested in the highly acidic environment of the stomach, carbohydrates and fats are digested in the alkaline environment of the small intestine. If you eat a meal of meat and potatoes, the protein (meat) and the carbs (potatoes), will be mixed together, so the acid in the stomach won’t be able to ‘get to’ the proteins and break them down properly (the carbs are in the way). Some undigested protein will find its way into the small intestine and interfere with the carbohydrate and fat digestion, closing this vicious circle and leaving you with the feeling of heaviness. Eating fruit with or after meals, keeps them ‘stuck’ with the rest of the food, long enough for the fruit sugars to start fermenting. Fruit should be eaten before meals, or long after digestion has been completed. Vegetables, (except the starchy ones), can be eaten any time, and combined with all food groups. For best energy results, try eating a breakfast with a substantial amount of protein in it (you won’t get hungry for quite some time), and keep eating less and less towards the end of the day.

Feature Supplement

Saw Palmetto Offers Natural Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) has a well earned reputation for helping BPH and thanks to diligent German doctors, there are clinical studies demonstrating that Saw palmetto will shrink the prostate size and help 

regulate the urine flow, especially at the initial stages of the disease. European researchers have even combined the Saw palmetto berry extract with plant sterols yielding efficacy comparable to that of Proscar.

Saw palmetto seems to be inhibiting the production of an enzyme which unchecked, converts testosterone into dihyrotestosterone leading in turn to the proliferation of prostate cells and gland enlargement. A typical dosage can vary from several hundred to a thousand milligrams, depending on the purity of the preparation. Other good nutrients to use with Saw palmetto are plant sterols, zinc and another herb called pygeum. Several of Saw palmetto preparations alone, and in combination with other herbs, are available at York Downs Pharmacy.


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